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Be you artisan, fighter, archer, or child, Special Events has something for everyone.

Traditional events like Combat Cookery, Archery shoots, Rapier tournaments, and Armored combat tournaments await one and all from across the Kingdom and the Knowne World! Bring your best for bragging rights and mentoring purposes.

Do you have an event you would like to host at this year’s Southern Crusades? Best to get your thoughts to the Stewards as soon as possible—in fact, why not now?

Whether you are hosting one of the annual events or you want something new on the schedule, the Special Events Coordinator wants—no—needs to hear from you. Brewing, tasting, Arts & Science showcases, tournaments of all shapes and sizes, Helga Ball, and a plethora of other entertaining and novel events may be in store for you.

To schedule a special event please contact the special events coordinator at kokushokunoha@gmail.com