Tournament of Champions

Gather your Champions, your populace, and bring your best fight to the Tournament of Champions! This isn’t just any tournament: this is a Battle of the Baronies for top position and bragging rights! There is a prize for the best represented Barony in the crowd: the most heraldic, the most enthusiastic, or the loudest. Bring a herald for an introduction that will leave spectators reeling and swooning. Saturday, 10am to noon, in the erics between Merchant’s row and the armored combat field. Be there.

Armored Combat: Format is 5 single-elimination tournaments, each one with a different weapon style. Bring your gauntlets and a variety of weapons. In the event that there is not a clear winner from the 5 tournaments, the top fighters will face off in a round robin to determine the overall victor.

Contact: Count Brian Winterborn

Rapier format: Round robin, best 2 out of 3 as time permits. Weapons will be single sword. You may use off-hand secondaries that are part of your Baronial regalia, if it is agreed upon by both combatants.

Contact: Doña Perin de la Serena