My lords and ladies the war draws nigh! Join us for a weekend of fun and fight! We will be hosting a number of scenarios on Friday and Saturday (more on that to come) with Torchlight, Yehudah memorial, cut and thrust, and novice tournaments will all be held throughout the weekend! Make no mistake, this will be an event for all regardless of their level of knowledge, the only requirement is that they be authorized in rapier to participate. So bring your friends, and family, bring those you hold dear (and those you don’t hold so dear, we are stabbing people with swords here people), show up to practice and start training now!




The town is hosting warriors from the neighboring barony. Gather some Intel on the enemy fighters by fighting them either single combat or in teams of your choosing. This is a civil affair so keep it polite! Challenges must be issued and accepted between the parties involved. This is a mixer, so resurrections will be cut off at a certain point in order to roll into scenarios.

Objective of scenario: everyone against everyone else.
When you die, take a knee and count to 10, then resurrect in place.
Battle will go until no resurrections are available remaining fighters will be given a chance to finish their fights but no more than a couple minutes.

Resurrections: unlimited during initial time.
RBG’s allowed: no
Spears allowed: yes


Steal their Supplies

The neighboring barony, emboldened by their reconnaissance, has marched an invading army in an attempt to take the castle! The city is about to be under siege, defenses must be prepared if the invading force is to be kept out. Supply caches are stationed around the field. To successfully capture supplies, they must be taken back to your base. Gather the supplies from around the town before the invaders can seize them!

Objective of scenario: Take as many supply caches as you can.
Scenario will be run 4 times until all resources have been captured or 15 minutes have elapsed. Attackers and defenders will switch off between rounds. The side who gathers the most resources between both rounds will be the victor.

Resurrections: Unlimited.
RBG’s allowed: yes. Limited shots
Spears allowed: no


Rescue the Governor

In an attempt to get the king to intercede, the Governor attempted to get away, but was injured by the invaders’ archers in the process. Rescue him before he can be secured and taken for execution. Each army will start from a set location. The noble is invulnerable and is legged and must be “carried” by 2 living fighters. In the event that one of the fighters carrying the noble is killed/legged, progression must cease. The Noble must be escorted/carried to the designated point to win the scenario.

Object of scenario: Capture the Noble and escort to the “safe Zone”
Scenario will run for 4 rounds of 15 minutes each or until the noble has been secured.

Resurrections: Unlimited.
RBG’s allowed: no
Spears allowed: no



Siege of the City

The main forces have arrived; they have surrounded the city and begun the siege. Hoping to end the siege quickly and decisively, they are attempting to gain entry by a show of force and are attacking the main portcullis!

Object of scenario: breach the main doorway and get at least two fighters to the designated point.
The scenario will be run twice with approx. 20 minute rounds. Attackers and defenders will switch off between rounds. The team with the best time will win.

Resurrections: unlimited
RBG’s allowed: yes. Limited shots
Spears allowed: yes, Attackers only


Raze the Town

The chaos in the streets has grown and citizens are fleeing for their lives. The invading forces, realizing that they cannot hold the city have decided no one will and are trying to burn the town to prevent retaking the city.

Objective of scenario: stop the burning
Scenario will run 4 times for 15 minutes each. 1 point will be awarded to defenders for each point successfully defended and 1 to attackers for each point burned. Attackers and defenders will switch between rounds.

Resurrections: no
RBG’s allowed: no
Spears allowed: yes


Hot Pursuit

Defending forces: The invaders are fleeing and are getting away! Show them who is the boss once and for all!

Invaders: The defenders might have retaken the city, but are you going to let them chase you off like dogs?! Score a few for your side and show the King whose forces are really victorious.

Objective of scenario: kill the other team

Open field battle. Scenario will run for 40 minutes.
Resurrections are unlimited but will be counted for both teams. The side with the best ratio of team deaths to kills will win.

RBGs allowed: no
Spears allowed: no