Heavy Combat

Southern Crusades armored combat will begin with the Commander tournament on Friday and immediately move to the melee field after. It is weapon of choice with the format to be decided depending on participation numbers.



8:30 armor inspection for tournament participants at the tourney field

9:00 commander tournament and armor inspection open on main battlefield

10:30-1:30 war scenarios


9:30 armor inspection on main battlefield

10:30-1:30 war scenarios

Armored combat scenarios

  • Open Field: 1pt. best 2 out of 3. Last man., archery/ no siege
  • Commander’s Folly: 1pt., modified gate battle, mountain trail to the gate, once in and once out of the castle, best time takes the point, archery and siege
  • Engineer your fate: 1pt., bridge battle, run once or twice, last man, each side has enough “materials” to build their own bridge as well as the preexisting one, archery/no siege
  • Crossroads demon: 1pt., crossroads battle, 15 to 30 min res, control of the crossroads tallied every 5 min, most control wins pt.
  • Ransom Your Friends and Influence People: 1pt., 15 to 30 min res, commanders and 3 chosen will be ransom targets, ransoms will be tallied for the pt.