Practice targets will be available Thursday 1 to 4, Friday 9 to 12 and 1 to 4, and Saturday 9 to 12.


  Baron shoot. Barons,  please have your champ or a representative show up at the range between 9 and 12. The shoot will be a speed shoot for a hunt. There will be seven targets. Randomly one target will be off limits. One arrow per target in 45 seconds. Each target will have kill zone, wound zone and wing zone. Only the best arrow in each target will count. Please bring a person to help with your arrow…. why you might say… you will see….

  War prize shoot part 1. 1 pm to 4 pm. “Protect the castle” Is the shoot. Be ready to protect the castle…


  War prize shoot part 2. 9 am to 12. This is the second part. So you won the war. Now you need to feed your people. You will be hunting in the woods. 

  Queens shoot. 1 to 4. This shot will be run by the prior Queen’s champion. This scenario has not been released from the current champion.