Combat Cookery Competition

This year the combat cooking will be hosted by Ate Ten Toads winners of last years competition. There will be some changes, although many aspects will remain the same.

The date for the competition will be Saturday November 9 anticipated start time for cooking all teams will be 11am.  The rally point will be at the “Big Red” Pavilion in the Barony of Atenveldt encampment.

Each team will receive an undisclosed basket of ingredients and then sent back to their kitchen on site.

Some of the food will not be identified, the first leg of the competition will be to correctly name the ingredients, and return the items list back to the judges. The item list to be complete and submitted by 12:15.

Food will be judged in four 30 minute rounds from 3 PM to 5 PM in a single location. Judges and the public will be presented one course per round for tasting and the course will be described by a member of your team. You will have no more than 5 minutes to explain what you are serving, origin of the recipe, how it was prepared, how it incorporates the theme that will be announced when you receive your teams instructions and ingredients. Judges will be allowed to ask questions to the presenting member of your team.

No more than six (6) individuals per team. No more than 6 teams will be accepted into the competition.

  • Each team may be sponsored by a barony, shire, college, kingdom, or principality or formed at large. Teams must be declared by Oct, 15 2013.
  • Each team will be given identical ingredients and given the same amount of time to turn them into a meal.
  • A scenario will be provided to each team when they receive their ingredients.
  • Be prepared as special twist will be added to the fun.

There is no charge to participate as a team in this event.

We hope this will be a flavorful event!

Combat Cookery Steward:

Lord Rowland Tode aka Frank Wagner

SCA - General

War Related