Combat Cookery Competition

This year the Combat Cooking will be hosted by Clan Bearwolf. There will be some changes, although there will be several surprises.

The date for the competition will be on Sat. Nov.15th. Start time will be 9 AM.

No more than 6 individuals per team. No more than 6 teams in the competition. Each team may be sponsored by a Barony, Shire, College, Kingdom, principality,

or formed at large. Teams need to declare by Nov. 1st. You declare by providing the name of your team leader, contact info and the name of your team.

Each team will be given identical ingredients and equal time to turn them into a meal. A scenario will be provided to each team with their ingredients. Awards will be provided and if your group would like to take on this challenge, please contact the Combat Cookery Steward to register and receive more detailed information as it becomes available.

Combat Cookery Steward:

Chavezs Whitlock (aka Chavezs MacTavish)/Clan Bearwolf

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