Hafla with Drum & Dance Competition

Join us Saturday evening after court near the Baronial Pavilions as the drums of war make way for the drums of revelry! We will begin our evening with a friendly drum and dance competition where drummers and dancers will have the opportunity to show off their prowess and share their art with others. The two categories will include novice (those who have been drumming or dancing for fewer than 2 years) and open (2 years or more) and judging will be based on technique and performance presence. We will continue our evening’s entertainment with an open drum and dance hafla and dance until we drop! Light refreshments will be provided. Drummers, dancers, and audience members are all invited and welcome!

Competition sign up will occur immediately after court. We will gladly accept prize donations. Contact Duchess Andromeda (andromedaofsparta@gmail.com) with questions or to donate a prize.