Calling all bards, singers, storytellers, dancers, musicians, and entertainers, Southern Bardic Championship approaches! Who amongst you will dazzle the crowd with your gift of song? Who amongst you will keep the audience hanging on every word of your epic tale? Who amongst you will be named Champion of Southern Bardic? The competition will be held Saturday night at Southern Crusades. Time and Location will be announced at Southern Court.

Contact Lord Rian hua Tadgain, the Southern Crusades Bardic Coordinator, (Ryan L Smith on the Book of Faces or at should you have any questions.

Street Bardic!!!

Lord Rian hua Tadgain, your friendly neighborhood Bardic Coordinator, is seeking entertainers to fill the streets of Southern with song, music, dance, juggling, magic, or story. This will be a volunteer army of bards dedicated to entertaining passersbys during the post sunset hours on Friday night. Solo acts, small groups, even large groups are welcome! Please contact Lord Rian hua Tadgain (Ryan L Smith on the Book of Faces or at should you wish to participate or if you have any questions.