Arts & Sciences Oasis

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Come one, come all to the Arts and Sciences Oasis to drink from the Font of Knowledge!

We will have a full schedule of Arts and Sciences classes for all to learn new skills from the Southern Crusades House of Wisdom.

There will be artisan masters working their crafts both within the Oasis and throughout the War encampments who will show you their techniques and introduce you to new wonders.

The A&S Oasis will also provide a seating area to rest and make art, talk art, and enjoy all that the arts and sciences have to offer good gentlefolk.

Last, but not least, keep a lookout for the elusive desert Narwal – rumored to make its home within the Oasis.  If you find it, it may share with you a little of its magic which will give you a lifelong affinity for the Arts and Sciences.Look to this link for Class offerings, A&S Competitions, Updates and More Activities coming soon!

Your A&S Oasis Coordinators,
Banthegn Magdalen Venturosa
Baroness Finola Sutherland