Southern Crusades XVIII

Return to Danelaw

As the north wind moves to our southern lands, it has brought with it a menacing power. Danes have invaded and threaten to sweep the Barony of Tir Ysgithr and the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus into its unholy rule! Aten Fighters come one, come all, to the Southern lands of Atenveldt and defend your brethern. Archers, wax your strings, hone your arrows, you are our first line of defense! Rapier fighters, your steel is needed to hold our homesteads secure. The Mighty Boar and the Thundering Mountains need your help to hold back these marauders.

Southern Crusades returns with a wonderful line up of things to do. We will have fighting!! We will have Archery!! We will have chariots!! We will have merchants with their fine wares!! We will have WAR!!!!

SITE OPENS: November 10, 2016
12pm-General Admission

SITE CLOSES: November 13, 2016 5pm